Gap Year

If you are planning to apply to university after your gap year, be sure to check out the entry requirements and application guidelines first.  Some programmes and scholarships will allow you to defer for a year, but many will not and you will need to be managing applications from overseas.  The University of Canterbury has a page of information dedicated to students taking a gap year.


This article has lots of useful travel tips for students:  A Detailed Students’ Guide to Maximising Travel Opportunities [2017]


The following is a list of links for the various types of exchange programmes and gap year options.  Watch the emails and notices because some of these organisations come and visit.  Do some exploring / reading yourself and feel free to come and see me to discuss.  –  Ms Chinnery

School Student Exchanges  (must be under 18 at time of departure from NZ)                           

School Assistant Gap Year  

Outdoor Education/Camp Counsellor  (placements in USA and other countries)   =  “Horizons Unlimited”  – Christchurch  Adventure Guide Internship Programme – Queenstown

Volunteer work        in developing countries                                 community work with Salvation Army

Overseas Uni Gap Year Opportunities     Gap Year in Spain (study Spanish + business/fine arts /culinary/ travel…)

Working Holidays             “Working Adventures Worldwide”

agriventure                   working in rural environments       train & work as ski/snowboard instructor 


Internships (see Ms McL for information)

e.g. Boyle River cadet, Canterbury Health Labs ( Med Lab Science trainee)