James Gammack Charitable Trust Scholarship – Y 13’s – Studying at Lincoln or UC

July 11, 2021

Information you need to know
As part of your application for a James Gammack Scholarship we have prepared the following
information which you should read carefully in that it may assist you in preparing your application.
Further information on the history of James Gammack may be found at www.jamesgammack .com.
The Trust which funds the scholarship has been originally established under the Estate of Mr James
Gammack for the advancement of the education of Canterbury students who wish to embark on
undergraduate university studies. The same scholarships are now being run by the James Gammack
Trust, as a charitable trust.
The Trust’s vision is to enable a variety of students to access the opportunity of tertiary study in the
Canterbury Region

For further information and to apply:

James Gammack Charitable Trust – Scholarship Criteria