US Camp Director hiring in New Zealand!

CCUSA have an exciting opportunity for year 13 students looking for a gap year in 2020.

On September 12th 2019, French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts will be in Christchurch interviewing and hiring for their summer camp staff of 2020.

This is a fantastic camp and a great opportunity for interested students to meet a US camp director in person and find out more about summer camp in the USA, while working on their interview skills.

I have attached a flyer with more information on the camp along with the date and time of the information presentation that will be run by the Camp Director and CCUSA. To book an interview with French Woods, please contact CCUSA directly at-

If you have any questions or your students would like some further information on CCUSA, please let me know and I will be happy to organise a school visit/call.

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Kind Regards,

Ashleigh Hogan


Program Assistant


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